Concert attendance is mandatory. The absence of even one member adversely affects the moral of the group and their performance. 

Excused Absences include serious illness and immediate family emergencies. 

Work, school, or non-school sanctioned sports and activities are not considered excused absences.

Family vacations will be excused if advanced notice was given to the director four weeks prior to the performance.

Since it is impossible to reproduce the experience of a live performance, make up work will be given for excused absences but will involve the time involvement and effort those students who attended the concert put forth. 

Each student will be given a schedule with concert dates and required performances. Since this is given to all students at the beginning of the school year, students are expected to be on time and present at all required activities for the entire performance.

*Students who receive 10 absences or 20 tardies during the school year, will NOT be allowed to perform or attend competitions.*



Concert Attire:

Each Choir will have the same attire.


  • Black Single Button Tuxedo Jacket
  • Black Flat Front Tux Pants
  • White Tux Shirt
  • Black Cummerbund & Bow Tie
  • Black Dress Shoes & Socks


  • Chorus Gown and Earring Stud
  • Control Top Sheer Black Stockings
  • Black Character Shoes

Informal Attire:

  • Black Polo/Magnet Polo
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers


Any of the following are acceptable: 

  • Low Pony Tail
  • Low Bun

*For short hair styles, have hair back and out of the face*

To have an acceptable hairstyle for performances, the necessary materials are:

  • Hair Tie(s)
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray or Gel
  • Brush

*Also, no colorful makeup and no nail polish is allowed during performances*