Welcome Parents

Hello and welcome to the Cuda Chorus!

We are so glad that your child chose us to become a Cuda Chorus member for the next four years.

Everything you find here well be information about future payments and events this year.

 Cuda Chorus Booster Board Parent Meeting Highlights

Hello Cuda Chorus Family!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope all of our Cuda Chorus Families had a wonderful summer. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your children as your Cuda Chorus Parent Association President. We have an exciting and busy year planned for our choir students.

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Cuda Chorus

**CCPA Board Members/Roles:

Julie Miller… President

Wendy Solomon… 1st Vice President (Email-Liaison)

Jasmin Vazquez… 2nd Vice President (Fundraising Coordinator)

Geraldine Reggeti… 3rd Vice President (Historian)

Nilda Ferrer… 4th Vice President (Volunteer Coordinator)

LaShonda Dowd… Secretary

Barbara Jimenez… Treasurer

The Cuda Chorus Parent Association (CCPA) is designed to assist in keeping our choral program running at an optimal level by promoting fundraisers and organizing chorus activities. Through the Cuda Chorus Booster Club (CCBC), students have an opportunity to raise money for their personal accounts to help pay for out of pocket expenses (such as annual fees, accompanist fees, out of town trips, and the end of the year show (EOYS) fees, just to name a few).

Our CCBC board members, along with the help of parents/guardians, work very hard to make sure that enough money is raised every year to help our students receive financial assistance for choral activities as well as for their own personal accounts. A great way that students can raise money is by working to promote and participate in the fundraisers that will be held throughout the year. Participation is KEY!

Our CCBC is always in need of help from parents/guardians. There are many ways you can serve the choir program, even if you only have time to volunteer occasionally or for small periods of time. If everyone makes the effort to help just a little, those "big" tasks won't seem so overwhelming! Please read over the list of areas (found at the end of this letter) in which you can serve as a volunteer. Try to find at least one opportunity to help make your student's experience in the Cuda Chorus program the best that it can be! If you are interested in helping this year you may email our Vice President in charge of Volunteers, Nilda Ferrer, at the following email address: choruscuda@gmail.com. We would really like to have more parent/guardian involvement, so please help if you can!!

The CCPA meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Chorus room at 7:00 P.M.

We will enjoy seeing both new and familiar faces! At the meetings we learn of upcoming choral information and/or events first hand (no need to rely on your busy student) and we plan ways to help make Mr. Davis conduct the program with ease!

**Included in this letter is some important information which will help you prepare for future choir events. **

**Accompanist Fees and Show Fees:  The Accompanist Fee for the choral year will be $75.00 per student; EOYS Fee will be $35.00 (for each student); and the Opera Fee (for those participating) is $20.00 per student, for a TOTAL of $130.00 (or $110.00 if your child is NOT participating in the Opera). These fees will be used to cover (in part) the band, choreographer, props, a portion of the costumes, and the EOYS theme T-shirt designed by the senior students. The DEADLINE to pay these fees is November 30, 2018. Please note:  NO part of these fees are negotiable. These Fees are all inclusive regardless of how each fee will be distributed. Payments can be made through your child(s) individual account on a monthly basis or in one lump sum, either by check or cash. Please place any payment in an envelope labeled with the student’s name, amount, and description of the event or fee. There is a mailbox in the back of the classroom where ALL payments are to be placed.

**ATTIRE FOR CONCERTS:  All students are required to wear their black Concert Dress/Tuxedo for all concerts. This year we will be ordering new dresses for all of our ladies. The ladies are to order their OWN Concert Dress. The information for ordering your dress is as follows:

                Website:  www.stageaccents.com

                Dress Name:  Halle Dress

                Item#:  8698

                Color:  Black

As a courtesy, we had a parent volunteer come out today and measure all of the ladies.  When ordering your dress, please use the measurements that were given to your child today and refer to Chart B under the Size Chart tab on the website. Please order your dress NO LATER THAN October 1, 2018 so that your dress is ready to wear for the Caroling Competition on December 1, 2018. PLEASE NOTE that orders take 6-8 weeks for delivery and then you will need time to have the dress altered. The cost of the dress is $68.00 with a $15.00 delivery fee, for a total of $83.00.

LADIES Concert Dress Code:  Jewelry, black character shoes and black stockings will be discussed in detail. BOYS Concert Dress Code:  Original Black Tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt with black studs, black bow-tie, black socks and black dress shoes.

**Students will also wear the Coral Reef school uniform polo shirts with either khaki pants or jeans to some events (pants and shoes will be determined by Mr. Davis). We also have the Cuda Chorus T-shirt for alternate events, field trips, and out of town occasions. T-shirts are being sold for $15.00 each and all students are encouraged to purchase one so that we will all look uniform (plus, these t-shirts can be worn on Fridays). Also, hair should be worn back and away from their face, no bangs. If a student does not have the proper attire prior to an event, they may not be allowed to perform. I appreciate your help in making sure your child has the proper clothing for all choir events.

Our first special event this year was our "Welcome Freshmen Picnic" held on Saturday, August 18, 2018 from 11 AM-3 PM at the Kendall Indian Hammocks Park. We had a very good turn out where incoming Freshmen parents/guardians and students met the Cuda Chorus Board members and many of our upper classmen. Everyone enjoyed good food, met new friends, and, best of all, the students teamed up and bonded over activities arranged by -- none other than -- our Cuda Chorus Officers-our Seniors for 2018-2019!

WISH LIST:  On a side note, Mr. Davis has put together a Wish List.  A list of these items can be found at the bottom of this letter. If you would like to make a donation towards his Wish List, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. We will gladly accept donations in the form of cash, check or PayPal.  If paying through PayPal, please provide us with an e-mail address so that we can send the money request to you. If paying by check, please make your check payable to Cuda Chorus Parent Association or CCPA. Place your cash or check in an envelope with the words “Wish List” written on the front of the envelope.

Wish List

Flatbed Dolly

48 pack of AA batteries

Charms App - $395.00 (total cost)

Cleaning Supplies

·         Sponges

·         All Purpose Cleaner

·         Cleaning Towels

Lockable Storage Bins on Wheels (Qty. 2)

·         Big Push Broom

·         Small Mop


We look forward to seeing you at our CCPA meetings. Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. Thank you!

Julie Miller

President of the Cuda Chorus Parent Association

E-mail: choruscuda@gmail.com


Cuda Chorus Hoodie Logo Sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts: $25.00

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 Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian Phone

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TOTAL: $__________________


Received on: ____________________

Payment in the form of:

Cash $______________ or Check No. _____________________

Parent/Guardian Initials: _________ / CCPA Initials: _________


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