Freshman Picnic

Finally, the Cuda Chorus Parent Association Board and Mr. Davis would like to welcome the incoming freshmen and all other student to please join us for the Freshmen Picnic. There will be games, activities, mentor/mentee placements, music, and so much more!!! Please join us in the fun and get to know the Cuda Chorus Family! We look forward to meeting everyone and kicking off a new year full of beautiful music and growth for our students!  The details are:

When: Saturday, August 18, 2018

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Location: Kendall Indian Hammocks Park

11395 SW 79th Street

Miami, FL 33173

Shelter 5                           


Kindly RSVP by August 10, 2018 by responding to or by sending a separate e-mail to

Every student invited to the picnic as well and we are asking that they please donate a food or beverage item from each grade.

Sophomores: Side Dishes (ideas:  chips, croquetas, pastelitos, etc.)

Juniors:  Drinks (ideas:  soda, water, lemonade, etc.)

Seniors:  Desserts




Hello Cuda Chorus! I hope your summer is off to a great start. I wanted to pass along to you the audition information and song list for the Opera Scenes Concert in November. All students of the choir are eligible to audition. Eligibility will be split into 2 parts: Opera chorus (Concert Women and Concert Men) and Lead roles and Supporting roles will only be chosen from “Select Women” and “The Rose Singers.” Auditions will occur the first week of school August 22-24, the time slots will be posted in the chorus room on the first day of school. In order to be considered for chorus, lead or supporting role students will be scored based upon this rubric:

Tone Quality- Resonance, focus and placement, posture, breath, clear diction, beauty, control, beauty and freedom

Pitch Intonation

Technical Preparation- Memorization, score preparation, level of music, accuracy of notes, and rhythms, steady pulse

Expression/Presence- Communication, poise, expression, appropriate attire

Musical Effect/Interpretation- Proper tempo, dynamics, phrasing, style, Interpretation

Concert Women and Concert Men audition selections for Opera Chorus:

Requirement: Sing any selection from the 24/26 Italian Art Songs and Arias, Folk songs for singer books (Jay Althouse V.1-V.2 Alfred Publishing), and a small dance audition

Select Women/The Rose Singers Leading and Supporting Roles:

Requirement: Sing any selection from the list below and read a small excerpt from a play which will be provided.

Female songs:

Porgi Amor                                Mozart/Soprano

L’ho perduta, me meschina        Mozart/Soprano

Lascia chio pianga Handel          Soprano/Mezzo

Se nel ben sempre inconstante     Scarlatti/Soprano

Le Violette Scarlatti                     Soprano/Mezzo

O del mio dolce ador Gluck        Soprano/Mezzo

Weep you no more sad fountains Quilter     Soprano/Mezzo


Male roles:

Per la Gloria da’doravi Bonnocini             Tenor/Bass

Se nel ben sempre inconstante Scarlatti    Tenor/Bass

O del mio dolce ador Gluck                    Tenor/Bass

Vittoria mio core Carissimi                     Tenor/Bass

Non lo diro collabro Handel                   Tenor/Bass

O mistress mine Quilter                          Tenor/Bass